Steuben County DPW Shared Services

Shared Services - Paint Striper

Joint Ownership and Operation of Equipment:

  • Pavement striping truck: Steuben Co. DPW with Schuyler and Yates Counties.

Shared Use of Equipment:

  • County shares with Towns, NYSDEC, NYSDOT and BOCES: Dozers, trucks, lowboy, track excavators, loaders, shoulder widener, chip seal machine and asphalt zipper. Towns share trucks and other equipment with Steuben Co. DPW.
  • Schuyler County loans message boards to Steuben DPW.
  • BOCES: Shares equipment with the Towns and County.
  • Steuben Co. DPW equipment shop repairs some equipment for Towns.
  • Steuben Co. DPW fuel tanks are shared with Towns & other agencies.
  • Steuben Co. has a shared services agreement with Ontario County.
  • NYSDEC loans water pumps to County bridge crew.

Steuben County Soil & Water Conservation Service (S&WCS):

  • Steuben County DPW, Towns, and NYSDEC work together to clean creeks. The gravel is used to build roads.
  • Steuben County DPW works with S&WCS to place erosion control rip rap and rock spurs in County streams.
  • Steuben County DPW provides the operator and repair services for the S&WCS track hoe.

Flood Repair:

  • County and Town crews work together to repair flood damage.


  • Steuben Co. DPW helped fund construction of Town salt buildings for shared use.

Bridge Construction:

  • County crews manufacture precast box culverts for Villages and Towns, 40% cost savings.
  • County designs, builds, maintains and pays for 142 Town bridges. Towns maintain the driving surface.
  • County DPW Engineering and Construction divisions advise Towns on bridge and road designs.

Road Construction and Paving:

  • County crews chip seal some Town roads.
  • County crew paves some Town roads.
  • County rents its road grinder and operator to Towns, Schuyler County and Chemung County.

Signs & Guide Rail:

  • County crews install signs and guide rail on some Town roads.
  • Schuyler Co. manufactures some traffic signs for Steuben Co. DPW in return for our old signs.


  • Steuben County prepares some Town bids and extends County bids to the Towns.

Mobile Work Program:

  • Steuben Co. DPW supervisors pick up welfare workers and complete projects for municipalities and not-for-profit agencies.
  • County offers free tipping fees for Roadside Cleanup Days.
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