Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  Do I have to have special qualifications to participate? 
Answer:  Some of the volunteer opportunities will require relevant skills and experience.  However there are many volunteer opportunities that require no special skills. 

Question:  Are there immediate opportunities available for volunteers? 
Answer:  Yes. Many of the affiliated organizations have immediate volunteer opportunities to help individuals, families, neighborhoods, businesses and communities to become prepared for an emergency or disaster. 

Question:  Will volunteers be provided with training opportunities? 
Answer:  Yes. All of the affiliated organizations offer training in specific areas of service. 

Question:  Does Steuben County have a high risk of natural disasters? 
Answer:  Yes. Steuben County is subject to many types of disasters. From flooding to drought, and ice storms to wildfires there is a long history within our region. 

Question:  If I volunteer for disaster response, isn't it likely that I will have to wait a long time between opportunities to render my services? 
Answer:  Depends on where your interest is, our intention is to provide volunteer opportunities to assist our communities in responding to and recovering from disasters and other emergencies. However, just as important, is the need to work with individuals, families, neighborhoods, businesses and communities to insure that all are prepared for the effects of any disaster or emergency.

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