District Attorney

Brooks Baker, District Attorney
Telephone (607) 664-2270
Fax 607-664-2159
3 East Pulteney Square
Bath, NY 14810

Brooks Baker, District AttorneyThe District Attorney's office handles prosecution of all criminal matters in more than 50 local criminal courts, as well as the County Court system. 

The Steuben County population: approximately 100,000 spanning 1397 square miles.

The Steuben County District Attorney's Office is located in the Steuben County Office Building located at 3 East Pulteney Square, Bath, NY. By law, the District Attorney prosecutes all criminal cases which arise or are otherwise prosecutable in Steuben County. Each year the Office prosecutes more than 4000 misdemeanor cases and approximately 700 felony cases as well as thousands of Vehicle and Traffic Law matters.

District Attorney Brooks Baker is the elected prosecutor and there are six assistant district attorneys, two of whom work as part time prosecutors. In addition, the office employs an investigator, two paralegals and five clerical employees.

There are two specialized “bureaus” in the District Attorney’s Office. The first is the DWI prosecution bureau and the second is a specialized domestic violence bureau.

In addition to prosecuting crimes committed in Steuben County, the District Attorney’s Office conducts investigations, typically with the assistance of police agencies, in order to determine whether any criminal prosecution is warranted. The office also processes appeals generated by convictions obtained by plea or by trial. Those appeals take representatives of the office into the New York State appellate system as well as into the Federal Court system.

Steuben County contains approximately 1400 square miles and there are more than 50 local criminal courts in which assistant district attorneys appear. In addition, there are three county level superior court judges in the County each of whom has a substantial felony trial calendar. Consequently, the staff of the office is constantly busy covering the various courts which handle criminal cases.

A vital function of the District Attorney’s Office is to educate police officers and, to some extent, the public regarding issues which arise. For instance, prosecutors regularly participate in training sessions for police officers who work for local police agencies. Additionally, individual police officer training is conducted by members of the office staff.

Mr. Baker and several of the Assistant District Attorneys often make presentations to groups of citizens concerning crime-related issues. Presentations to students regarding the dangers of drinking and driving and presentations to senior citizens regarding economic crimes.

The Steuben County District Attorney's Office has 5 full Time and 3 part time Assistants District Attorney's.


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