Citizen Corps

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Citizens taking an active role in risk reduction and emergency preparedness, bringing together all sectors of the community.

What is Citizen Corps?

Citizen Corps asks residents to help their families and communities be safer, stronger, and better prepared to respond to any kind of disaster.

Development of a Steuben County Citizens Corps helps to educate and prepare county residents for the negative effects of a disaster or emergency.  Through training and cooperation, citizens can be taught to generally help themselves and their neighbors.

Citizen Corps will address the need to prepare volunteers for the effects of a disaster with proper pre-disaster training and education.  Volunteers will be asked to assist with the promotion of disaster preparedness and education programs to help residents of Steuben County become more disaster resistant.

Citizen Corps will help to match the needs of first responders with the skills and abilities of general citizens to make families, homes and communities safe from the threats of disasters or other emergencies.

Are You Ready?

History of disasters in the United States, as well as in Steuben County, has documented the need for trained disaster volunteers.  History has also shown that ordinary citizens have an overwhelming desire to spontaneously volunteer to help.  Following September 11, 2001, President George W. Bush launched the USA Freedom Corps initiative to inspire all Americans to find a way to serve their communities.  Based on this foundation, Steuben County chose Citizen Corps as the main focus in the development of a disaster education and preparedness program. To become a volunteer, contact Kathy Burns at the Steuben County RSVP office at 607-664-2298.

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