Standing Committees of the County Legislature

The Legislature has made it clear that the Administrator is their representative on day to day matters in County government. Therefore, all matters requiring action by any Committee should first be covered with the Administrator. This puts the Administrator in a primary position where he belongs. He should not be in a position of being surprised at any Committee meeting. There should be no doubt in the minds of any Department Head that they are expected to work with and through the Administrator.

The Committee maintains its right to disagree with the Administrator and, if the disagreement is serious enough, it can still be brought before the full Legislature.

The following is a list of the standing committees of this Legislature. If you click on each committee you will find a description of the areas of responsibility with which each is charged. These committees and their responsibilities are subject to change by resolution of this Legislature. 2014 Yearly Calendar

Patrick F. McAllister, Chair
Lawrence P. Crossett, Vice Chair
Carol A. Ferratella
Brian C. Schu
Scott J. VanEtten
Agriculture, Industry & Planning
Randolph J. Weaver, Chair

Robin K. Lattimer, Vice Chair
Dan C. Farrand
Hilda T. Lando
William A. Peoples, Jr
Lawrence P. Crossett, Chair

Gary D. Swackhamer, Vice Chair
K. Michael Hanna
Gary B. Roush
Scott J. VanEtten
Human Services, Health & Education
Carol A. Ferratella, Chair

Gary Roush, Vice Chair
Hilda T. Lando
Robin K. Lattimer
Randolph J. Weaver
Public Safety & Corrections
Brian C. Schu, Chair

Dan C. Farrand, Vice Chair
Aaron I. Mullen
Eric T. Booth
George J. Welch, Jr
Public Works
K. Michael Hanna, Chair

Gary D. Swackhamer, Vice Chair
Patrick F. McAllister
Aaron I. Mullen
William A. Peoples, Jr
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