Social Services

Kathryn A. Muller, Commissioner

Telephone (607) 664-2000

Child Support Customer Service

The proposed 2016-2017 Biennial Employment  
Plan is available for public comment 11/25/2015-
12/25/2015. Anyone interested in reviewing the plan
may call Lisa Baker at (607)664-2000.

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Welfare Fraud in Steuben County
Department of Social Services
 Main Switchboard 607-664-2000
Direct Inward Dial Numbers  
Child Protective Services Bath/Hornell 607-664-2034
Child Protective Services Corning 607-664-2021
Preventive Services Bath/Hornell 607-664-2191
Preventive Services Corning 607-664-2112
Foster Care/Adoption Bath/Hornell 607-664-2250
Foster Care/Adoption Corning 607-664-2044
Home Care 607-664-2059
Adult Protective & Preventive Services 607-664-2059
Child Support Enforcement Helpline  1-888-208-4485
Medical Transportation New contact information
DSS Fax Numbers
Administration 607-664-2179
Accounting 607-664-2182
Child Support Enforcement Unit 607-664-2178
HEAP 607-664-2176
Public Assistance/SNAP, BILT, Fraud & Legal, Medicaid, Employment 607-664-2177
Child Protective Services 607-664-2186
Services General 607-664-2187
Corning Child Protective 607-664-2186
Hornell Child Protective 607-324-5727


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